BOARD MEETING – OCTOBER 5, 2006

(Not in order of importance. These are just items that have come up since our last meeting that perhaps should be addressed)

  1. Discussion of Ephesians 4 and the ministries to the Church include: apostles, prophets, evangelist, and pastor/teachers.
    1. Some of these ministries would like to be included in the Calvary fellowship, which would enable them to register for our Sr. Pastor’s Conference.
    2. Gayle Irwin, Dan Finfrock, Don McClure, Roger Oakland, Bill Gallitan, etc.
  2. Need to review Calvary Chapel Bible Schools and School of ministries.
    1. Curriculum for both national and international schools.
    2. Recommended course of study.
  3. CCOF International
    1. It seems best to leave accountability with the sending church pastor.
    2. Since every Calvary Chapel is independent, having their own by-laws and articles of incorporation, they can plant a church anywhere in the world. If they choose to ordain a person and we receive a 911 call that a church is not a Calvary Chapel, we connect with the ordaining church or sending church and have them provide help or removal of such a pastor.
    3. It is a little early to designate regional pastors over various countries. At the present time we attempt to copy changes sent to our office to all concerned.
  4. Orange County Regional Meeting.
    1. Pastor Chuck is the regional pastor.
    2. We would like to set up a 10:00 am meeting on Tuesday November 14, 2006 in our Fellowship Hall.
    3. A time of prayer and fellowship and any updates.
    4. George and Betty Forteville will prepare snacks.
  5. Nomination of new members to the CCOF Board.
    1. Some suggestions to fill the vacancies of Don McClure, Steve May’s, and Skip Heitzig.
    2. Damian Kyle, Jeff Johnson, Mike Macintosh, Steve May’s has cleared up his health problems, plus others.
    3. Suggest three year terms, rotating one or two out each year.
  6. Problem with preferential treatment.
    1. Kit Freeman and his e-mailer from KitFreeman@calvary with a letter from pastor Chuck saying they are almost a franchise for the Calvary Chapels.
    2. Safe Harbor ministries, Steve Mays Missions outreach mailers to churches, Mike’s Horizon outreaches, Bob Caldwell’s Iranian and India Mission, Katrina Relief, ad infinitum …
  7. Sub-regional men in the wide open spaces.
    1. Rick Coburn has 5 sub-regional men covering Texas and Oklahoma.
    2. There is a young pastor in Omaha Nebraska who gets the pastors in the area together and schedules other Calvary Chapel pastors to minister to them. They also attend the larger conferences.


  1. “Taste of Romaine”: 26 messages on MP3 format. Romaine addressing pastors. When this project was birthed we have a note from Joe Focht saying: “We need to hear from Romaine”.
    1. This will be a bi-monthly download of various messages from the archives of Calvary Classics, messages submitted from our Regional Pastors, messages from Regional conferences.
    1. A 12 tape series of Pastor Chuck speaking to the SOM students is being well received.
    2. Free copies were sent to our regional pastors and they are available at our regional conferences.
    3. Another series from Pastor Chuck’s Spring series will follow with Tim taping and recording.
    1. I Gave Dave copies of D.A. Carson and Scott Smith’s books on the Emerging Church.
    2. David graduated from Westminster College, other schools and has his doctorate and well versed in philosophy. He was in school with Robert Wagner. Served as a chaplain, pastered the Presbyterian church in Chatsworth for 7 years.
    3. He is familiar with Nancy Murphy at Fuller and the direction that school is going. He also knows T. Peter Wagner and is familiar with his ‘dominionism’. He began attending CCCM in 1995 and after his trip through the Bible acknowledged the sufficiency of scripture by going from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21. He worked with Bill Bright. He introduced John Wimber at an annual Presbyterian Convention and was asked to join the Fuller church growth department.
    4. David said that some young men, who are more fully familiar with the writings of the philosopher’s find themselves drinking from the wrong wells and some wells can expose you to poison.
    1. CCOF has been represented at 14 Regional Conferences this year. It has been a joy to be out among our pastors and churches.
    2. We continue to have feedback from pastors who are able to get “The Word For Today” in their communities. It has been a great boost to their fellowships. There continues to be a concern about the diminishing quality of the programming on CSN.
    3. We have over 200 churches registered for the web cast this Saturday. Bob Coy said he will have 3500 men joining from Lauderdale. (Heath will have a full report later.)
    4. Invitations went out to 43 regional pastors, to mark their calendars for our planning meeting January 8-9, 2007. The list includes some who are not regional pastors, but who have attended in the past.
    1. I believe that we can work with our existing Calvary Chapel Fellowships in finding better radio markets that will work in cooperation (including financial) with our churches.
    2. As we see TWFT going through TWR internationally, it is time to revisit the major markets in the United States.
    3. Create 24 hour programming for teens, young adults, family and senior programming with sermons, songs, and special events on a by-monthly subscription basis that can be downloaded on computers to i-pods.



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