Board Meeting Pre Notes 09-27-06



  1. TASTE OF ROMAINE: 26 messages in MP3 Format – Romaine addressing Pastors
    1. This project is to strengthen our Pastors
    2. When this project was birthed it was reinforced by a call from Pastor Joe Focht saying: “We need to hear from Romaine.”
  2. CCOFWEB.COM PASTOR TO PASTOR: Bi-monthly Audio Download from the website.
    1. IPOD Download bi-monthly of various messages pulling from the archives of Calvary Classics and drawing from submitted messages from our Regional Pastors given at Pastor/Leader conferences that they feel have really ministered and are relevant for strengthening our pastors.
  3. MINISTRY & THE CHURCH DVD: Pastor Chuck’s SOM Teachings
    1. This series is being well received by those who currently pastor Calvary Chapel and those desiring to do so.
    2. We are looking at producing a DVD of Pastor Chuck’s Spring series teaching at SOM and hopefully catching his Calvary Distinctives series with Tim recording.
  4. OTHER PROJECTS:  we have numerous other misc. projects in the fire, but these are the 3 key ones.

Feedback from Conferences:

  • We have been to 14 Regional Conferences this year. It has been a joy to be out among the churches.
  • A constant feedback that we receive is “How much TWFT Radio Program strengthens the churches”.
    • They keep wondering why Pastor Chuck is not on in the major cities, they also express concern about programming.
  • Our Response is to ask them to keep praying and let see what the LORD is going to do.
  • As we see TWFT going through TWR internationally maybe this is the time to revisit the airing of TWFT in the major cities to strengthen our CC families.

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