New publication – “Line Upon Line” will be gifted to pastors attending the Conference. Copies will be mailed to pastors not attending.

  1. It is important that senior pastors ‘example’ teaching verse by verse through the Bible.
  2. Speakers at the Deep South conference exampled teaching through I and II Timothy this year.

There was a discussion about separating CCOF from CCCM to protect the deep pockets of CCCM from law suits resulting from actions of our independent pastors. Then it seemed to many persons that the January 2007 planning session for the June conference had too many participants. With the growth of CC the group of regional pastors will continue to grow.

  1. I had given this much thought and summarized my thoughts in a single page paper suggesting an ‘advisory group’, ‘administrative group’ and ‘regional group’.
    1. Jim, Terry and I have continued to gather our thoughts and felt that it was important to have input from the board and regional men.
    2. My first interest was to gather ideas in the process.
    3. I was surprised when a copy of a ‘Draft of Revised CCOF By-laws’ was sent to our office May 17, 2007.
    4. My impulsive reaction was to send out some things we have been considering, since I had mentioned to all concerned, a three group plan that we plan to develop the responsibilities of each group with input from all concerned.
  2. It was my thinking the ‘advisory group’ would be involved in the praying and planning of the senior pastor’s conference – reducing its size. There were several in January that wondered why they had come cross country to have such limited input

The concern about becoming a denomination is the furthest thing from our minds. We express in the proposed bylaws the recognition of each man’s freedom and independence is to be preserved enabling them to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit as birthed in the heart of Pastor Chuck. The Lord had him go through the wilderness for nearly 20 years as God’s plan unfolded. Teaching through the Bible and avoiding various winds of doctrine, with the heart of a servant loving the people and serving Jesus Christ as Lord, were ingredients God began working in his life. The Calvary Chapel movement goes beyond ‘man’s way’. It is a supernatural work of God’s grace, not about a man or heir-apparent. That is why a group of men chosen by Pastor Chuck, to serve as an oversight group. This would be a group of men who were with him as this move of God developed, men of similar hearts with utmost trust and integrity that will promote nothing other than Jesus Christ as Lord who are without self serving ambitions.

Another matter altogether will be addressed in the future concerning CCCM. It is crucial that CCOF have no ties with CCCM other than Pastor Chuck. As far as paying salaries, these things can be easily constructed as a ‘gift’ from Costa Mesa or be ‘gifted’ y other members of the ‘advisory group’. We are not talking about a lot of money here. There is also a developing internet service to provide web sites, streaming, and technical support at below average cost.

We fully recognize that what we are involved in is a work of a Sovereign God and to allow Him to continue to guide His work, but to simply sit back and see what happens is not right either. J. Vernon said: “When a farmer prays for a good crop, the Lord expects him to say amen with a hoe.”

It is our intention to encourage Pastor Chuck’s roll model and the God blessed leadership style until our Lord returns. We will continue to examine these things in the context of the Calvary Chapel model and the way God works in men whom He can trust. If men are led in another direction, then may God bless them, but they should not present themselves as a Calvary Chapel.

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