Pastors Conference Planning Session Dec 13, 2009


January 12-13, 2009

  • Chuck’s Autobiography – The Making of a man.
    • Before I formed you.
    • From ‘topical’ to ‘verse by verse’.
    • (Possible documentary by Dwight Thompson.)
  • The Two Crucial Beliefs Define the Character of the Twenty-first Century Churches.
    • The Belief in the Inerrancy of Scripture.
      • How succeeding leadership has changed the inerrancy view to a view that the Bible ‘contains’ the Word of God.
    • The Belief in Absolute Truth.
      • Neo-orthodoxy became the philosophical means for subverting the fundamentalist position of Biblical inerrancy, rejecting any possibility of God being able to communicate truth to mankind through the written Word, and at the same time rejects the existence of the infinite personal God of the Bible.
  • Greggs’s message at his recent “Preach the Word” conference.
    • Copies of his message available.


  • Chuck’s messages on “Preach the Word”.


  • Chuck’s letters to the pastors called “positional Papers”.


  • The roll of CCOF.




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